Tenth: Dog sledding

This week I bring you an other episode about dog sledding, but this time I’ll show you some other pictures I took and not specifically about dogs.

You can read more about my dog sledding experience here.


To see the pictures I took click here.


Ninth: Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library & Robarts Library

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library holds approximately 740,000 volumes and 4,000 linear meters of manuscript. The library opened in 1973 and is in honour of Thomas Fisher, road builder, land developer and Squire.

Robarts Library opened in 1973, named for John Robarts 17th premier of Ontario. The library houses more than 4.5 million bookform items, 4.1 million microform (microreproductions of documents for transmission and storage) items and 740,000 other items. Nowadays is part of the University of Toronto Libraries.

You can visit the two libraries for free. The entrance for Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is inside Robarts Library. The architectuer is amazing from outside and inside.

You can visit only a little part of Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library due to the restriction to preserve the books. Not everyone can touch and read the books and to consult the those you need a special permission. If you don’t have it you must stay in a floor where you can see the Library but not go around.


You can see the photos I took clicking here




Reference: https://fisher.library.utoronto.ca/about-us



Eighth: AGO

AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) is one of the most important art museum in North America. I discovered this place looking on internet for some places where to take photos in Toronto. I saw a picture of the big hallway with the bend columns in wood and I remained astonished. So I decided I had to go, even if I didn’t know if I could see it without paying to enter. Meanwhile I was looking at the exhibition AGO was having and I found out there was an interesting exhibition about landscape with painting of Van Gogh, Monet and more (read more about the exhibition here).

I decided to go to this exhibition and see how it was, and it turned to be very nice and interesting. I’m not very passionate about art but I started appreciating it more when I started photography. I think there are lot of common concept between painting and photography. I don’t explain which one now (maybe in the future) but there are and when I look at a painting I can understand the decisions of the artist.

When I arrived there I discovered that there was also a beautiful spiral stair and my day turned even better (to see the pictures click the link below).


Seventh: Toronto architecture

Hello everyone, this week I’ll show you some photos I took in Toronto few weeks ago.

Every time I go there there is something new or something that the previous time I didn’t notice. That time I focused on the architecture, it was my first time trying to take that type of shoot and I have to say that is very fun. It takes some time to find the right composition but when you get it the shoots will be beautiful.