Sixth: Dogs

Since I have been in Canada I had the opportunity to go dog sledding two times. If I could I will go again and again. I think that is one of the best thing to do during the winter here in Canada. I saw lot of dog, I like them but I’m not an expert so I won’t explain which race I saw and things like that. Dogs are the main attraction when you go dog sledding. You can pet them, take pictures and play with them. Dogs keep moving and is not easy to shot them, they are like kids. Sometime they can’t stop, the only way to make them listening to you is to impose as their ruler. I don’t know how to do that, but I’m here to show you some pictures I took. Some of them are very nice and I’m proud of what I have done.



Fourth: Toronto in 35mm

This week I want to show some photos I took in Toronto with my 35mm camera. I always enjoy shooting with it, it’s super fun and I like the waiting before seeing all the photos I took. I don’t now if they are good, if I shot what I wanted, if I have to throw the film away or if everything is okay. Here it takes 3 weeks before the shop can develop the film. It’s a very long wait, but it’s worth. I love looking at my pics not in the computer but in my hand. They receive an important meaning for me.

When I use the film camera I like to shot in black and white. It’s more expensive than colour but for me it is more fascinating. I can show in a better way what I want, and the pics take a different meaning. When people look at a B&W photo they are concentrated on the composition, on the details, on the expression of a person, on the people, what are they doing, how are they doing something. With B&W you can read better a photo. The colours tend to distract a person from visualizing the situation. With this I don’t mean that we don’t have to take photos with colours, on the contrary we need colours. If I want to take a pic of a sunset I want to see the colours, the red, the yellow, the reflection in the cloud. But when I want people concentrating in something more important I don’t need colours.

My three favourite photos of Toronto that I shared are:


More Photos>>


Third: Sixteen Mile Creek

To start this blog I want to go back in time, when I was just arrived in Oakville, talking about Sixteen Mile Creek where I spent lot of time walking and cycling during the fall. The colours were beautiful, a pleasure for the eyes. Red like fire, orange, yellow and green. All this colours were forming a beautiful composition and the challenge was to capture them with the camera.

Sixteen Mile Creek is the name of the river that flow trough Milton and Oakville into Lake Ontario. Sixteen Mile Creek Trail is composed of three trails that cover a total of 8.5 km. The time I spent there I had the opportunity to complete the trail only once, by bike. It was the first time, and my host father brought me. I was astonished by the colours and the immensity of the park. My first thought was “In Italy is impossible to find a green area where you can totally think to be into the most remote nature park while you still be in the centre of a town”.

“In Italy is impossible to find a green area where you can totally think to be into the most remote nature park while you still be in the centre of a town”

The trails are very well made and curate with facilities for walkers, runners and cyclists. After few times exploring the trails I decided to enter in the wood where less people go. There I started discovering very nice place. Once I was with a friend and I found a rope attached to a tree. So I thought “Why don’t use the rope for something cool?”. But the first bad thought arrived “If while I’m holding it in the air the tree broke”. “What will happen if I can’t hold the rope in the air?”.At the end after all this worries I jumped. I didn’t fall, I didn’t hurt myself, I didn’t broke my neck, leg, arm or other part of my body instead I made a little video. It was awesome, and I planned to go again this spring when my hand are not going to freeze.

Between the last week of October and the first of November almost al the leaves were gone, and with them the colours. I didn’t expect that the season was changing so fast but before it I had some time to take more pics. One afternoon I found a group of trees with red leaves (see photos). The only problem was that they were up on a steep hill, and I really wanted to take those photos. So I left the trail. I made my way trough the bushes and weeds, risking to fell few times and breaking my camera. When I arrived at the bottom of the hill I realized that it was even steeper than what I thought, but I had to get those shots. I started climbing with leaves under my sneakers that made the climb sleeper, furthermore for the first meter there were no trees that I could hold to go up. Finally I made it, I arrived at the trees I saw from the trail. I took the shots I needed and it was time to go back.

An other time, around the end of October, right after locking my bike I met a bus driver from India, also him an amateur photographer. We talked a bit and he told me about a beautiful park in Ontario called Algonquin Provincial Park were the colours are one of the most beautiful in the world. He showed me some photos he took. When I saw the place and the colours I decided I have to go there once in my life, just for the fall.8

During the winter I went again but was not anymore interesting like during the fall. Maybe during the spring when the weather is going to be more tolerable, and the wood starts to have colour again I will go back.