Fifteenth: Westfield World Trade Center

As last post for April I want to start a little series about New York. Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to NY, for a long weekend, with other exchange students. It was amazing. NY is a beautiful city full of energy and with lot of things to see. In every corner you turn you can find something amazing.

The picture I will show you this week are about the Westfield World Trade Center. This beautiful building is a shopping center situated near the World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial. The architecture is amazing and I loved it the first time I saw it. The external curves are beautiful and I think I took some nice pictures (click here to see them). The interior is well lit and very big. I’m not a shopping person but is a nice place where to shop.

I suggest to everyone going to NY to go and take a look!

Click here to see the picture


Fourteenth: Niagara Falls by Night

As promised this week I will share some photos I took when I went to Niagara Falls. There will be also some pictures of the American Falls because were beautiful as well.

When the falls are illuminated everything become more magical and I could not wait to take some photos. While I was taking pictures near Niagara Falls there was a point where there was so much vapour that it looked like it was raining (my camera got soaked).

You can see the photos here.

Thirteenth: Niagara Falls by Day

Hello everyone, sorry for the late post but during the Easter weekend I was away and I had no time to post. I will still post this Sunday.

This week I bring you some photos I took at Niagara Falls during the day. The next post will be about he photos I took during the evening with the falls lit.

The fall is amazing and huge. When a I was there I could feel the power of the water falling. The vapour was so dense that in any direction I was going there were at least three rainbows. My camera was always wet but I took the shot I wanted.

You can see the pictures I took here.

Twelfth: Birds zoo

This week I want to show you some photos I took a couple of week ago during a field trip with the school. The main reason for the field trip was to see how maple syrup is made. In this place they also have a birds zoo; no-one of this birds was mistreat and took from nature, if so it was for rescue reasons, other times people trap the birds to have them in captivity. In this place experts take care of them.

The main challenge while I was taking these photos was that the birds were inside their cage and I had the netting that was bothering me so I tried to use it in my favour. To do so I tried to isolate the most important part of the birds like eyes or the head to concentrate the viewer in that point.

I hope you enjoy the picture, you can can find them here.