Eighth: AGO

AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) is one of the most important art museum in North America. I discovered this place looking on internet for some places where to take photos in Toronto. I saw a picture of the big hallway with the bend columns in wood and I remained astonished. So I decided I had to go, even if I didn’t know if I could see it without paying to enter. Meanwhile I was looking at the exhibition AGO was having and I found out there was an interesting exhibition about landscape with painting of Van Gogh, Monet and more (read more about the exhibition here).

I decided to go to this exhibition and see how it was, and it turned to be very nice and interesting. I’m not very passionate about art but I started appreciating it more when I started photography. I think there are lot of common concept between painting and photography. I don’t explain which one now (maybe in the future) but there are and when I look at a painting I can understand the decisions of the artist.

When I arrived there I discovered that there was also a beautiful spiral stair and my day turned even better (to see the pictures click the link below).



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