Fourth: Toronto in 35mm

This week I want to show some photos I took in Toronto with my 35mm camera. I always enjoy shooting with it, it’s super fun and I like the waiting before seeing all the photos I took. I don’t now if they are good, if I shot what I wanted, if I have to throw the film away or if everything is okay. Here it takes 3 weeks before the shop can develop the film. It’s a very long wait, but it’s worth. I love looking at my pics not in the computer but in my hand. They receive an important meaning for me.

When I use the film camera I like to shot in black and white. It’s more expensive than colour but for me it is more fascinating. I can show in a better way what I want, and the pics take a different meaning. When people look at a B&W photo they are concentrated on the composition, on the details, on the expression of a person, on the people, what are they doing, how are they doing something. With B&W you can read better a photo. The colours tend to distract a person from visualizing the situation. With this I don’t mean that we don’t have to take photos with colours, on the contrary we need colours. If I want to take a pic of a sunset I want to see the colours, the red, the yellow, the reflection in the cloud. But when I want people concentrating in something more important I don’t need colours.

My three favourite photos of Toronto that I shared are:


More Photos>>



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